Volunteer Opportunities

Our Daily Bread ~ Mansfield Food Pantry is an all volunteer organization, so there are plenty of opportunities to help.

Throughout the week, volunteers pick up and shop for food, stock the shelves, prepare bags of groceries, receive food donations, and help at distribution.

Volunteer Activity Day of the Week
Assist Clients at Distribution Thursday and Saturday
Prepare Bags of Groceries Tuesday
Pick Up Food Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday
Stock Shelves Monday and Wednesday
Receive Food Donations Saturday

Volunteering is not only for adults. Children and their families can organize neighborhood food drives, help with receiving donations on Saturday afternoons, and create posters to hang in the pantry.

If you would like more information about our volunteer opportunities, or would like to volunteer, please contact us by email info@mansfieldfoodpantry.org or call us at 508-339-1343.